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Social Media Management

In the social media era your company should be there. Don’t lose your potential clients. Trust our company’s executives for your social media management.

Search engine optimization

SEO is the Marketing on search engines and its targeted power. Declare dynamically your presence on Google, Bing and the rest search engines.


Fresset has the best facilities of the market in order to host any website. Our prices are friendly and our correspondence is immediate in every problem.

Web Development

Make your presence known on the internet by promoting your services or your products, emphasizing on your competitive advantages. Don’t forget that a website is always necessary!


Promote your company’s services or products dynamically through targeted advertisement. Choose social media or google ads as your means of promotion, for better results.

Mail Server

Keep your own mailbox and show prestige to your clients by using email through your company’s domain name.

Content Marketing

Stand out through your live and renewed content. The way that content marketing works is equally important as advertising is for your online presentation.

Digital Strategy

In order to achieve your goals you need a proper strategy for your business’ online presentation. Our executives are here to guide you for the best result!

Community of Things

Fresset develops technologies in order to bring life into objects and connect them with people, in digital communities. From the Internet of Things to the Community of Things.

Finished reports

We deliver complete reports to our clients based on their needs


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Flexible pricing

We facilitate our clients